User Experience Design

Client: Emerge
Website: emergeer.com

Right Care at the Right Time

Emerge is a healthcare logistics company based in Toronto, Canada. While the motto of the company was to ease the experience of seeking and delivering healthcare, the existing application platform needed functional enhancements, while also being minimal and usable.


UX Designer


Sketches, Wireframing, Mock-ups, Prototyping, Stakeholder Interviews, UI Animations, Web Application Development.

The Process

Stakeholder Walkthrough

A group of founders, engineers, marketers and users was given a task based walkthrough exercise to determine the fundamental flaws in the original design. The pain points identified were:

01. Unrelatable Map Markers
02. Confusion between Wait Time and Travel Time
03. Insufficient Hospital Details
04. Unclear UI Elements

Understanding Users

“I am disappointed by the fact that you are expected to arrive on time at a doctor’s appointment, but you end up waiting for the doctor”

The testing of the designs with the internal group revealed that the discovery of the right hospitals and clinics around remained the central concern for any person in distress. The users also heavily relied on the ability to sort these providers based on the waiting or travel time.

Translating Insights to Design

Numbered Markers

To establish the context of the given marker, it is numbered according to the card number.

Horizontal Cards

Instead of a verticle list of hospitals, the users can swipe horizontally on the screen to navigate across numbered cards.

Paginated Cards

The Details of the healthcare provider are shown in a full sized card over the map view. This card is paginated such the pages can be navigated by horizontally scrolling.


Final Design

The interface for the healthcare seekers is an application that helps them find the best hospitals and clinics considering the time to reach and waiting time. The user can scroll horizontally through multiple cards. With every card swipe, the corresponding marker on the map will be centered. On tapping any of the markers, the corresponding card will be centered.

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