Hi, I’m Aditya; a UX Designer and a technology enthusiast.

pronounced : ah-dit-yuh

I am currently in the second year of the MS in Human-Computer Interaction and Design (HCI/d) program at Indiana University, Bloomington. With a background in Software Development, I aim at crafting imaginative interactions that are grounded in reality.

Interaction Design
User Research

I come from a background in Motion Graphics, Software Engineering, and Game Development.

My past experiences of working as a developer, graphic designer, and an entrepreneur have carved my abilities as a UX Designer. 


UX Internship

As a full-time UX Designer at Lucid, I worked on three different projects with different teams and touching different kinds of users. I learned to play the whole game of design and received mentorship from industry leading designers.

Development Jobs

My summer internship at Barclays and my one year job at Arcesium helped me master my programming skills. I worked with multiple agile teams and learned how the product lifecycles work in different environments.

Masters in HCI

The Master’s course in HCI/Design brought people in the center of my design process. By working on various projects in the academic and industrial setting, I could streamline my design process.


Being the sole designers at both of my startups, I acquired various skills from graphics to motion design while I was trying to sell digital products in the market. The exposure allowed me to work under various business pressures and quick turnarounds.